Cutting of the tube

To guarantee correct, safe and tight connection, it is necessary to cut the tube in the correct way. The cutting angle should not exceed 5°, thus we recommend using a tube cutting tool, such as the model PNZ (see Tools).

Outside surface of the tube

The outer surface of the tube needs to be smooth and free from any kind of damage or dirt.

Inserting the tube

When inserting the tube, make sure to push it into the fitting down to the tube stop. 

The correct insertion length is specified for every tube size/fitting and can be found in the table below (Assembly length H). We recommend marking the insertion depth on the tube with a pen or tape before assembling in order to visually ensure proper insertion.

Remove the tube

To remove the tube from the fitting, use the Series 9000 DRK release tool (see tools). Hook it onto the tube and press the protection cap down to release the tube so that you can pull it out of the fitting.

Attention: Do not try to remove the tube from the fitting when the system is still pressurised. Make sure you have released all the air pressure before you remove the tube.

Tube assembly and disassembly must be carried out by a technician who is trained and has detailed knowledge of the air brake system and the Series 9000 fittings.

Torque values

Please ensure mounting torques for straight connectors, straight studs and the fixation nuts of shaped connectors meet the values shown in the table below.